18 Jun

Early Years: Help Us Get The Sector the Understanding it Deserves


The early years sector is incredibly complex, and under-researched. 

The EIG is currently working on a review of the sector within Dubai, and we are working with a range of stakeholders to gather opinions and data. We are conducting focus groups, and interviews with leaders, teachers and parents, as well as key people within the regulatory bodies. 

We’re also collecting larger scale data through surveys. If you have the time, we would appreciate your feedback and responses to the survey that is most relevant to you.

The nursery managers’ survey can be found here.

The nursery teachers’ survey can be found here.

All of the data is anonymized, and we follow the ethical guidelines of the British Education Research Association (BERA). 

Thank you for those that choose to contribute. Once we have finalised the study, we will organise an event for stakeholders to discuss the key findings. 

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