08 Feb

The Education Intelligence Report, E02


• Movers & shakers — key appointments

• Jobs, Recruitment

• Exclusive school data. This edition; What teachers are thinking…

• Analysis of key drivers affecting the industry

• Exclusive insights, market intelligence, news

• Reports of mergers, acquisitions, new schools

• New legislation affecting the industry

• In-depth analysis


Welcome to the second edition of Education Intelligence. For some time, we at Which Media – founders of WhichSchoolAdvisor.com and SchoolsCompared.com – and our partner, the Education Intelligence Group, have wanted to put in place a form of regular communication with school leaders throughout the UAE.

Our aim is to share with you some of the vast amount of information and intelligence about education in the UAE and beyond, in a format that will hopefully enable you to pick out the parts that interest you, provide news and views that you may not have come across, and encourage feedback and discussion.

In this issue we publish the findings of our teacher survey – what teachers want, and what they don’t. We also discuss the impending “teacher recruitment crisis” and assess how much of an issue it really is.

Please do feel free to come back to us with your thoughts on what you have found most valuable. We will do more of it.

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