Team Category: Consultants

Consultant at work

Shaun Robison, Partner and Director

Shaun Robison is an entrepreneurial, senior education leader who has delivered a range of projects within the GCC education sector….

Kevin Simpson, US Curriculum Schools

Kevin Simpson has served 500+ schools and thousands of educators worldwide in 20 countries with the majority of his work in education…

Cody Claver, Online Learning

Consultant Director

Cody Claver has spent 30-years in the field of education, most recently as VP of International Business Development for K12 Inc and GM of iCademy Middle East.

David Westley, Managing Partner, EIG

Managing Partner

An editor, journalist and entrepreneur who has worked with and for Yahoo!, Dow Jones, the Independent, ITP, and Gulf News,…

James Mullan, Managing Partner, EIG

Partner, Director

As well as the general manager and partner of EIG, James is the co-founder of the UAE’s most respected sources of information, data and analysis for schools and education within the UAE.