Matt Doran, Extended School Services

Matt Doran, is an owner of a Sports Service Provider in UAE. When Matt arrived in Dubai, he felt that there was potential in providing improved service to parents in schools and a higher quality of standard of activities for children.

Matt created Gulf Star Sports Services, in 2012 at one of the most respected schools in UAE, Repton Dubai. In just four years, Gulf Star have achieved an active customer base of over 12,000 clients and annual growth has surpassing 30% year on year.

Matt’s customer centric team are located in 12 schools across UAE and are now seen as one of the only companies who deliver a full extended services offering for schools.

In 2015, Gulf Star became the first external company to provide in-school enrichment services meaning that on opening, a school can still maintain maximum variety of sport, without having to over commit on their HR resources.

Matt’s sports network is wide, his experience in the education sector is vast in the region. The company’s reputation is starting to attract attention from the wider region as more and more educational establishments realise the importance of having their customers (parents) well served and satisfied.

Specialisms: Extended School Services