The Education Intelligence Group – illuminating insights, plans, strategy and data

In today’s competitive landscape, market intelligence about the education sector is paramount for new and established schools. Emerging trends within the sector are forcing investors, operators and school leaders into un-chartered territory and decision making is becoming complex and multi-layered.

We are a team of experts working within the sector who have developed contextual solutions to the challenges that the expanding education sector brings.

At the Education Intelligence Group, we pride ourselves on delivering market insights from the people that know best within the sector – professionals in the field.


We’re here to help. If you need any of the following services simply email, telephone or fill in the contact form and we will be in touch to explore just how our team can help you achieve your goals. Our contact details may be found here.

Market reports

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Bespoke Reports

EIG is, in some instances, willing to work on bespoke reports to deliver unique insights based on key data specific to your business.


We will work with you on your projects providing a guiding hand that will take you from initial concept through to execution. In this role not only do we provide expertise, but an honest partner helping you stress test your ideas and plans.

Introductions, and forums

The chances are we have either worked with, or know, your peers, and have worked with them on their projects. If there is an opportunity for sharing, we will work on introductions to enable you to benefit from the experiences of those coming before you.


If you are after specific market data we will work with you to either source it, or to ‘create it’ through surveys with close media partners in the education sector.


We have an array of consultants across multiple disciplines. Contact us for additional ways we can help.


The Education Intelligence Group (EIG) comprises of a group of highly experienced educators and consultants who have a detailed “insider’s view” of the real issues affecting the education sector in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) today.

On a daily basis, we work at the highest level with school operators, investors, regulators, school principals, and senior school management. The combination of our diverse and complementary experience across curricula, allied to the rigorous analysis of data, allows us to provide potential investors and industry leaders with a unique perspective. That perspective can be best summed up in one wordclarity.


With our singular focus on the education sector, and our close association with key industry mendia, EIG is in a unique position to help you. These are just some of the ways we can do so.


Challenge your thinking


Refine your plans


Deliver market insight


Provide Mentoring


Bespoke advice


Exclusive data


We are part of a larger group that gives us access to multiple sources of data, including the leading education web sites, whichschooladvisor.com and schoolscompared.com.


A consultancy solely dedicated to education and helping businesses within the sector success. That singularity means less distraction and more relevance to your business.


Our experience has depth, with the principals firmly embedded within the UAE education sector, with access to a wide range of data, and real world specialists and expertise.


The data, and insights we deliver to businesses within the education sector are designed to be practical not theoretical, able to drive positive, and real world change.