We are passionate educationalists with decades of experience in the UAE, driven by the desire to help build a better education sector in the United Arab Emirates, by sharing our data and insights, as well as practical know how and operational skills with those as committed as we are. Whether you are looking for help with business modelling, or hands on implementation we’re here to help.

When investors are considering spending upwards of US30$ million developing a school in the UAE, an unfettered, agenda-free analysis is vital. This analysis must be founded on fact, and through their peerless contacts, the EIG provides a specific, up-to-the minute, detailed map of the UAE school landscape.

Our team of specialists have developed market insight from the ground up. They have managed relationships with regulators, investors, real estate companies, construction companies, school leaders and their insights are tried and tested.

Due to the competitive landscape emerging, established schools have been forced to re-evaluate their operating frameworks.

Commercial marketing strategies and admissions processes are critical to every schools strategic plan and the insights we can bring will ensure that established schools stay ahead of the game.


In-depth experience of setting up and establishing a wide array of curricula within UAE schools. Awareness of the cost implications and benefits of each.

UAE Experts

Decades long experience of working within the United Arab Emirates provides an unparalleled understanding of how things work, and therefore how to get things done.

Communications Experts

Our expertise straddles both the education sector, as well as communications, meaning not only can we help build your business case, we can help you to be persuasive in your comms too.

What We Do

EIG develops, generates and disseminates data and insights on the business of the UAE education sector. We help businesses grow by allowing them to make decisions based on firm foundations.

Exclusive Education Data 100%
Exclusive Analysis and Insight 100%
Actionable findings 100%
Bespoke research 100%


The Education Intelligence Group is a partnership of industry professionals who came together to form a consultancy as a means to impart their knowledge and expertise to a rapidly growing UAE education sector. At the time of their formation many new schools were being built often on the back of the flimsiest of data. EIG has made it its mission to offer its clients market leading data and analysis so they can avoid the pitfalls of their peers.


EIG will tailor its reports and data to provide unique insights for your business. Get in touch with us for examples of how we can help.

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Bespoke Reports

If you need specific information, data and analysis in the education sector within the UAE, we may be able to help. Let us know what you are looking for here.

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EIG is in the process of preparing a number of exclusive reports on the education sector within the UAE. If you want access to the reports, sign up to EIG here.

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If you want bespoke data and analysis, please contact us to see if we can help. We will apply our exclusive data specifically for your business to tailor bespoke, contextual and actionable findings.

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We’re based in the UAE, and you’ll find us good community. If you want to just talk through your ideas, or engage more formal consultancy, contact us with your needs.